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Brad & Brooke (Mazzulo) Rosselot

Our Mission

With a passion for excellent service, Mazzulo’s Market is committed to providing a deliciously memorable food experience for you and your family!

Frank Mazzulo

Our Vision

Mazzulo’s family owned Market affords delicious, fresh, and healthy food choices for any meal or the planning of a special event! We value the integrity, trust and respect that we hold for our employees and customers. Our culinary staff’s priority is to provide the highest quality of products and service for each and every one of our patrons. Each store is an integral, contributing member of the local community.

A century of sausage.


Fresh Market, Deli, Butcher, Catering - Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge, Aurora, Ohio

Since 1995, Mazzulo’s Market has served the northeastern Cleveland area with the freshest cuts beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and veal. We also prepare a daily variety of homemade dishes that are deliciously convenient for heat & serve meals. Our home recipe soups, including Italian wedding, chicken noodle, chili, and many more, are second to none in heartiness and flavor. Each day, we make our own traditional hand-cranked Italian sausage, still without any preservatives or MSG. Our Italian chicken and turkey sausages are tasty alternatives as well. To compliment these foods we hand roll our freshly baked pepperoni, Reuben, and sausage breads.


From our full-service deli & cheese selections, featuring Boar’s Head products, we personally slice your choices of our own roasted turkey, roast beef, ham, provolone and mozzarella. We also prepare tasty hot and cold, made-to-order sandwiches anytime throughout the day, or you can enjoy deliciously healthy hot lunches during the work-week.


Italian wines, our customized cost-savings freezer packs, specialty local grocery items, and a daily selection of freshly baked breads help complete every aspect of your culinary enjoyment.

Whether it is store pick-up, delivery, or full-serve, Mazzulo’s Market lends a hand with flavor and style. We provide complete catering services for everything from a 10-person dinner party to a 300 person wedding!

Our sausage is made fresh here! We use no preservatives and no MSG.

The recipe for our mild Italian Sausage comes from Brooke’s great Grandpa who began making sausage in his homeland of Sicily in the early 1900’s. Yes, the recipe has stood the test of time for over 100 years! All we do today is use the foundation and continue to create new flavors for you to enjoy!


Mild Italian - Our traditional, delicious Italian sausage also known as
“Sweet Italian”.


Sicilian - Our mild recipe, but we add scallions, red peppers and shredded romano cheese. It is still a delicious sweet sausage.


Hot Italian - We take this recipe up a notch! It’s got a nice kick to it, but not too overwhelming!


Kielbasa - Our mouth watering, garlic sausage! If you enjoy garlic… we guarantee this will be a favorite!


Italian Chicken Sausage - It’s become one of our customer’s favorites! Our Mild recipe made with ground chicken instead of ground pork. It’s leaner, healthy and delicious!


If you have a favorite recipe we don’t offer, please let us know. 
It may become a Mazzulo’s favorite with many of our customers to enjoy!

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